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Safety Boat Courses

Safety Boat Courses


The aim of this course is to introduce candidates to the techniques, skills,
equipment and communications whilst at the same time ensuring that persons have the knowledge and skill to take charge of powerboats which are involved in:

• escorting racing fleets of dinghies, windsurfers, canoes & powerboats.

• providing safety cover for training fleets, Racing fleets, Water festivals, water
activities within local communities on inland and inshore areas.

• assisting in race management duties. (Sailing & Powerboat).

• Operating in areas they are familiar with, during hours of darkness.

Previous Knowledge/Experience:

Participants must hold the Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate or an
equivalent certificate and 20 hours driving experience following qualification.

It is strongly recommended that at least one member of a safety boat’s crew
should hold a first aid certificate and the Short Range (SRC) VHF radio operator’s certificate.


2 days (2 modules)

3 days (3 modules)

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