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Commercial Marine Training

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We provide training for a wide range of commercial marine sectors including fish farms, sea weed harvesting and wind farms.  We also provide health and safety and emergency planning consultancy.  Contact us today to discuss the training needs for your company.


Learn the ropes and gain certification to operate work boats on a fish farm.

Certified training courses.

Custom procedure development & training.

Boat handling for work boats.

Managing emergencies on a fish farm.



Learn essential skills to safely operate small boats in shallow water to effectively and safely harvest sea weed.

Shallow water boat handling.

Accredited training courses.

Custom training and procedure development.

Managing emergencies at sea.


Learn the essential skills to safely operate a work boat on an coastal wind farm.

Accredited Training courses.

Custom procedure and training development.

Embarking and Disembarking techniques

Managing emergencies at sea.



Develop custom safety procedures to reduce risks and ensure safe work practices.

Industry leading consultants.

Best practice guidelines.

Risk Assessments and audits.

Health & Safety compliance.



Training in boat handling for work boat crews in a range of commercial environments.

Launch & Recovery

Shallow water operations.

Techniques for rough sea conditions..

Safe approaches and slow speed control.

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