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Diveboat Coxswain Course

Diveboat Coxswain Course


This course introduces and develops the skills necessary to take charge of a powerboat that is deploying and recovering divers on inland and coastal dive sites, by day, on waters with which the coxswain is familiar.

It is not a diving course, as the divers the coxswains are transporting and deploying should be responsible for the
planning and implementation of all in and underwater activities.

Previous Knowledge/Experience:

All participants on this course must hold The Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate or an equivalent certificate.

In addition, personal experience in, or knowledge of, diving would be an advantage.

Irish Sailing strongly advise that Dive Boat Coxswains hold an appropriate First Aid Certificate and the Short Range (SRC) VHF radio operator’s certificate. Instructors should advise participants on how theses may be obtained.

Instructors should also advise those Coxswains taking divers to dive sites that are further offshore, or to coastal sites
with which they are not nor familiar, to undertake the Irish Sailing Advanced Powerboat Course.


2 days

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